Best Photos of Cutest Kids Encounters

Summer brain calls for light reading. Very little reading. So to say goodbye to Asia just a few sweet pictures of kids we have encountered on the road. Having fun playing with some Hmong girls in Thailand. Teaching them Itsy Bitsy Spider and tickling them until they are a heap of giggles. Their slighter older cousin is all grace and poise.

It is refreshing to see kids play, making their own toys, like this Balinese boy with a homemade kite made of garbage bag, can and string. If you are lucky to have a battered old toy or two you hold on to them tight. Sometimes just sand and a friend is enough to play. Showing off your sea jumping technique is fun, too. With captive audience on dry land especially. It is not all fun and games. Some kids have to start helping out early, like these two Sumbanese girls selling their moms’ wares. Soon they will start learning the craft themselves. While their brothers care for the family animals.

It can all be managed with good friends. And a few pet baby chicks. Such joy!Consider yourself lucky if you have chance to attend school. Visiting schools you see lots of happy kids wanting to learn, like these Balinese boys with fancy school uniforms.

And girls, too. They will switch to dancing clothes for their traditional dance class.

And concentrate so hard! So one day you will have your dream come true and dance at your family temple. Or at least help in the procession… It can be hard work so a little nap in your mom’s lap helps. Or just on a soft blankie… And wake up ready for a lovely day! Maybe you will have a visit from some friendly neighbors that came from across the sea. As we say goodbye to Asia we take along our secret weapon. Five knitted animal puppets that always break ice without words. Quack-quack and woof-woof are international language.

Off to good old Europe for the summer!

11 thoughts on “Best Photos of Cutest Kids Encounters

  1. Your adventures in Asia brought smiles and tears and big chuckles and amazing captures of the people and their environment.


  2. Hi my friends Mirek and Ksenjia,

    I read all of your amazing stories and reports from very Far East.

    I do not miss anyone of them, so interesting things!!!

    Just to inform that my new mail address is

    ciao and take care

    a big hug



  3. Lovely way to start the day! Incidentally, due to a Lantern Project I am having a water buffalo named after me!

    Where in the Netherlands are you? If in Amsterdam, we highly recommend a fish restaurant, Lucius.

    Love, Gail


  4. This blog would not be authentic if it did not have pictures of Ksenija with her “kids” 🤗
    Children are always drawn to you and your ability to communicate with them regardless of age, ethnicity, or any other barrier will always be the magical experience you bring to any table. Thank you for these beautiful pictures. Be safe 😘


  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos of happy children. They speak a universal language with their faces.


  6. YO\U captured the beautiful essence of these children and put a smile in everyone’s hearts – thank you!


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