Our travel love story began 35 years ago when we met in a small Iraqi town on the confluence of Euphrates and Tigris. Mirek worked as an engineer advisor and Ksenija as a translator. We left our home countires of Czechoslovakia and Slovenia (then still part of Yugoslavia) respectively with a sole purpose to earn enough foreign currency so we could travel.

The very first day we decided to travel the world together and we haven’t stopped since; from our honeymoon on Mt. Kilimanjaro, through dragging three children along the way to all corners of the Earth and now free again to spend a year (or maybe more) as a travelling couple in retirement.

Mirek has had a long, interesting career in designing and building bridges in many beautiful locations around the world. He has also volunteered to build pedestrian bridges with Bridges to Prosperity for people in remote village locations in Rwanda and Panama.

Ksenija has devoted most of her time to raising three daughters and in her spare time translated, wrote, taught and volunteered for many domestic and international projects.

For more than thirty years we have made our home in the USA, but returned to our European families every summer. We have a bonus daughter in Prague and two small grandchildren.

In 2018 we have embarked on a year of travel in retirement. It was so much fun we have extended it for another year.