Nearly Ready to Start Our Year of Travel

We said we will do it, and now we are.

You said you will live vicariously through our travels, and now you can. We used to write long emails from our travel adventures to our girls and those were forwarded to extended family and friends and soon friends of friends. To make it easier for everyone we will try the medium of a blog. Try is the operational word. For us, old people born in the past century, it is a steep technological learning curve, so if a picture is upside down, or something else is amiss, be forgiving. You will need to sign up to be on our list, so scroll down to the bottom of this blog and you will see in the right hand corner a square with a + sign and the words Follow. Click on that and write in your email. If all else fails ask you kids or grandkids to help you. 

Just coming up with a good blog name was a protracted excercise in frustration.  There are a million other travel blogs with the name nomad, journey, road and adventure. At the end we returned to the original purpose of our travel missives. They were letters to our daugthers, who often thought themselves or were asked: Were in the world are your crazy parents traveling this time?

So where in the world will this year long journey take us? We don’t quite know yet, but for now we are starting with a one way ticket to New Zealand. 

It is good to have an interesting destination (and aren’t they all?), but we have been to over 100 countries around the world so the purpose of our trip is really not to add more countries or tick off the boxes on the 100 Places to see Before you Die list.

What are we trying to do or accomplish? What is the guiding principle of our romp? What is the golden thread or idea that brings us to the next destination, that makes us seek the next experience? As seasoned travellers who want to go deeper than the crimson sunset over the sandy beach, the highest mountain or the oldest temple we know one thing for sure: It is the people that make traveling more than just a series of picture perfect moments. It is the human connection, be it a wordless exchange of a smile in a rural market, a poltical discussion with a taxi driver or a long conversation over dinner with a fellow traveller that make travel most intersting and satisfying.

And lastly, travel is also a discovery of places within. With time to think and experience, free on the road, we gain new insights into our own soul and still, after 35 years of traveling together, into each other and us as a couple.

As the saying goes: It is for us to find out and for you to know. When you read our words next…

6 thoughts on “Nearly Ready to Start Our Year of Travel

  1. When Tom and I used a picture of us in “Emperor and Empress of Vietnam” getup from an Hanoi visit a few years back on our Christmas Card, one of our daughter’s friend said, when she saw it: “Who would send a Christmas card like that!”. Cari’s answer: “My crazy parents”. Travel on….you can only be crazy once….or twice…or every day!


  2. Enjoy your adventure! I will be checking in and living vicariously! I like that travel is soul searching for you. If you can, share a picture of that smile at the market! I would also be curious to know where there are places with no digital connection- are there places where life (and travel) is pre internet? Ahoi!


  3. Wishing you a great and safe adventure and some great stories. Looking forward for some detail and a beautiful picture. The one of you two above is just perfect.


  4. Bon voyage to you both. I am very excited for you, and anxious to read about all your adventures. Sending love !


  5. Ong, Puppy Jordan and I are so excited to meet you here in Melbourne and show you some good old Aussie hospitality! Hugs from David


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