Australia’s 10 Beautiful Beaches-More Pictures, Less Words

For those of you, who don’t read (you know who you are), here is a perfect post about our drive from Sydney to Brisbane.

No, we did not go to the famous Bondi Beach, but we discovered many other wonderful spots on the way.

There were Grand Beaches, with sand and surf going on forever

and Small Beaches— little gems with algae covered black rocks

and sun kissed Walking Beaches

Very Windy Rain Clouds Threatening Beaches with flying sand

glittery Silver Beaches

Surfers Beaches

very Photogenic Beaches

Dog Beaches

some were Safe Harbour Beaches

but all were Safe Beaches.

What is your favorite beach and why do you like going to the beach?

13 thoughts on “Australia’s 10 Beautiful Beaches-More Pictures, Less Words

  1. I am sure I was one of those for whom this post was meant to be! The moment I read first words I knew it! 🙂
    My favorite beach: it’s so difficult to say, but for sure the beach of San Augustinillo in state Oxaca, Mexico, where I spent last two weeks, qualifies among top 5! And then beach of the so called “Golden Peninsula” or “Zlatni rat” (as called in Croatian), on island Brac!!! Maybe this one I can call my favorite one… because I feel like at home there – but only from mid September onwards, once high season is over! And I am sure there is many more … And why I like to go to the beach? I believe the water as an element is very important for us, humans. It calms us down, it has special effect of our mood, our well being. Just seating at the beach and watching the sun goes down… one of my favorite things to do!


    1. Oh yes, the best beaches no matter how beautiful are only good when not crowded. Getting up for a sunrise is always a good bet to get the beach pretty much for yourself!


  2. When I was a child, my military family lived in Ankara Turkey and we vacationed at Famagusta Cypress. White sandy beaches with lots of beautiful seashells and fish. Still think about how warm and wonderful that time was in my childhood.

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  3. So many great beaches!! I think my favorite beach is Stinson beach, even thought it is always cold becuase we have so many great memories there together as a family!!

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    1. Bobbie, I find it interesting how differently we react to the ocean. Mirek is invigorated and loves walking by the surf for hours and all I want to do is lie down in the sand and sleep with the sound of ocean waves crashing through my dreams.


      1. says my cousin who often said how she doesn’t really need to lie on a beach for days while traveling. Nice to know 😉 –> and I hope u don’t mind this teaser :)) hugs


  4. Soaking this all in vicariously from „arctic“ Europe right now. Gorgeous pictures and entertaining and interesting posts. Look forwards to the next one each time


  5. Per request adding my answer to the question: my favorite beach? I think a “winter beach”, if there is such a thing. Beach with expansive horizon, lots of air from the sky above, ample space to wander/meander, the herculean yet soothing movement and energy of the waves of the ocean, no matter how calm or stormy, and the connection to the hinterland. Hemingway said, “The Sun Also Rises”, I say, “The waves always come”. Such solace. Personally, I have great memories from beaches in Corsica, from which I launched off on a windsurfer, or Carolina beaches in winter/spring, where I would body surf in the waves. The hinterland of beaches fascinate me also – the marshes os the Carolina beaches, the thorny hills in Corsica. etc.


  6. Any beach that is clean and sandy with grass and trees to sit in the shade and enjoy the sound of the surf. Falling to sleep with the sound of the surf – best sleep ever. I am so lucky to live close to all of the beaches you photographed. Thankyou for showing one of the best features of my home…I particularly enjoy the unique pine trees that grow along the edges of our Aussie beaches. Too bad you will not get to see the beaches along the western side of the country next to the emerald green Indian Ocean – absolutely stunning. Maybe next time.


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