Kangaroo Visit

“Oh, hi, you made it! Coming right over…”

“Uh, wait a minute, I got a little itch.”

“Ah, all better now, coming…”

“Hey, nice car!”

“Why don’t you park? Never mind the sign, I took care of that!”

“Let’ go visit my mom and younger sister. But she can be a little bit shy sometimes…”

“All safe now in mom’s pouch.”

“Here’s grandpa. He is not that much fun. He retired a while back and now just lies around the house all day long.”

“Even Grandma can be a bit hard to get going.”

“But I like to make new friends!”

“Come see me again, soon will ya!”

9 thoughts on “Kangaroo Visit

  1. Amazing!
    You need to submit those pictures to a contest.
    Put a big smile on my face today 🤗
    Love love love following your journey!


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