Hidden Garden House

The mornings here are very, very peaceful….

I wake up with the first light of another day playing on our window screens

and when I open my eyes, I see the comforting view of the hanging mosquito net, the geometric rectangles of the sliding door and the patterns of the rafters and bamboo mat roof of our house.

I am easily reminded where I am. Not so many other times when traveling from one place to another for many weeks. We feel so lucky that we found this quiet port in a worldly storm–our House in the Hidden Garden. It is “ours” at least for a little bit, until we move on again.

The morning air is filled with songs of birds by the time I get up, walk through the living room into the garden, and do our morning chores. I unlock the front gate so the gardener Mangko can get in and sweep the garden clean of last night’s fallen leaves.

No, I cannot go back to bed. It is too tempting to stay and go for a short walk, enjoying precious minutes of peace and quiet before everybody wakes up and sounds of everyday life burst in with unstoppable energy.

Our dog Luna sleeps on the porch of our landlady Rana’s house and barely lifts her head as I tiptoe by her. I should not worry about waking her up; it is too early for her, she has to make up for lost time. Yesterday, she waited anxiously at the gate for our return from the late night visit at the Photo Gallery of Rio’s (Rana’s brother).

Walking around the compound I assure myself everything is in its right place.

Both kitchen and the dining room are again spotlessly clean after yesterday’s Balinese lunch with Hans (not Christian) Andersen, Rana’s old Danish friend.

The flowers

are still blooming all over the garden.

But wait, there is a new surprise at the koi pond. The Lotus that was still closed yesterday

has opened, blushing fiercely.

Continuing on my morning walk I notice that the statue of Tara, Goddess of Compassion, Mother of all Buddhas, needs fresh offerings after a long night.

I better get back to bed before I wake up everybody.

Too late! Somebody is already calling me in for breakfast!

Life will soon be in full swing. Luna coming for a visit.

The gardener cleaning up the Balinese temple in the corner of our compound.

Our lovely neighbor Ketut bringing offerings, as she does every morning before heading to sell her wares at the market.

A new beautiful day in our secret slice of Paradise has begun.

14 thoughts on “Hidden Garden House

  1. There is just something so special about Ubud. Glad to see you are having such a great time! Hope you have the chance to take a yoga class at the yoga barn. I’m jealous of your proximity to Kafe!



  2. very nice oasis! of course, I am curious how you have found it, how long are you planning to stay there, are you alone or are there other guests as well… How does it feel to be on one spot for a tiny bit longer time? Being less active and not moving around non stop?


  3. We were lucky because a friend who lives in Ubud recommended this place. We wanted something peaceful but walking distance because we did not dare ride a motorcyle with all the traffic, dogs, chickens, and children on the streets. There are hundreds of home stays, Airbnbs, hotels etc online. Hard to choose and know where exactly they are on the scale of things.
    Walking on the outskirts of Ubud yesterday in the village of Panestenan we kept coming upon many signs for villas and apartments for rent. Hiring a moto taxi for a day and driving around would get a good result.

    It is only us and the owner, who has her own dwelling in the compound. But people come in and out: the gardener, the cleaning girl, the masseur, the neighbors, the Buddhist study group members.
    Surprisingly we are really enjoying the slow days. Probably more so because we are in the midst of planing new upcoming adventures to the islands East Timor and Sumba.


  4. What a life you two are leading! We get a lot of pleasure just in seeing your pictures and commentary.

    Keep it up!!

    Our news is that we had a wonderful few days in New Orleans last week with our daughter Jenny and grandson Joshua. Great creole cooking, fun walks in the garden district and in the French Quarter and an outstanding Musuem of W.W. 11 (voted by Trip Advisor as best museum in 2017.)

    Joshua learned yesterday that he has been selected as a Fulbright scholar and will go to Dunedin, New Zealand for ten months, starting next February.

    It is so lovely to report good tidings from here.

    The weather has turned warm, and I`m off for a swim today.





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