Meet Me in Cambodia?

Do you have travel plans for 2019? Itching to go but don’t know which destination to choose or hate organizing the details?

Join me on the fantastic Philanthropic trip to Cambodia in January! You will do some good, see the country from the back door and have a chance to photograph the real life besides the famed temples.

A big part of our family’s travel has been trying to do a little good on the way. We spearheaded different projects around the world from small distribution of toiletries in Burmese orphanages to donations funds for building toilets in Uganda and then some huge fundraising and hand building pedestrian bridges in Rwanda and Panama.

To this day when we travel in backwater places Mirek and I still look for local organizations and worthwhile projects to suggest for funding with

But my biggest volunteer effort has been for nearly 10 years helping make a difference in the lives of Cambodian village children through Cambodian Community Dream organization. As a board member and VP of the organization I have brought many volunteer groups to help with training local teachers or help with dental care.

It is one of the best experiences for me to share my love of travel and volunteering by showcasing the amazing work in “our” Cambodian schools and villages.

January 18-27, 2019

Make a Difference, Share, Learn, and Have Fun


Visit Cambodian villages and schools while experiencing Asian cultural immersion Escorted by Jenni Lipa, Founder and President and Ksenija Olmer, Vice-President of the Cambodian Community Dream Organization (CCDO).


See first hand the progress in “our” schools and village communities and how our involvement changes the lives and future of Cambodian children and families.


During our visits you will be able to observe and interact with children in schools, read to them in libraries, play with them in preschools, serve breakfast in canteens, play sports, help in computer centers and meet villagers in their family compounds & social enterprises. You will gain cultural enrichment and understanding of history, temples, art, traditional dance, cooking.


Travel, lodging, meals, sightseeing, and transportation organized by Spa Trek, travel partner of CCDO. Daily transport from hotel to sites in safe, comfortable, airconditioned vans.


Our philanthropic partner, a beautiful hotel in the center of Siem Reap City, Memoire D’Angkor Boutique Hotel with AC, swimming pool and spa.


Land only (all inclusive) $1,150

• Single room supplement: $300

• Ask about possible individual extension trips to Thailand, Vietnam or Laos.


• 11 days of travel with purpose in Siem Reap (villages, schools & temples, including famed Angkor Wat)

• All ground transportation in comfortable air-con van

• Hotel 4* with amenities (double occupancy)

• All meals in vetted restaurants and cold bottled water

• All passes to temples, entrance fees, guides and tips


Evening Fun:

Find bargains at the Night Market. Have a massage! Learn to prepare a delicious Cambodian meal in Khmer Cooking School. Enjoy traditional Khmer dance performance.

History, Art & Architecture:

Revel in the spectacular Angkor Wat Temples, the carved city of Angkor Thom, the giant heads of Bayon Temple, and the jungle temple of Ta Phrom. Enjoy the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Immerse yourself in History at the Na-tional Museum.

More details online.

Drop me a line if you are coming or you have questions!

And hopefully meet you in Cambodia!

9 thoughts on “Meet Me in Cambodia?

  1. Would like to go and bring my daughter but this January is out of the question for obvious reasons. In the future if I go I’d like to work with Sitha.

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  2. I’m thinking I may want to go and bring my son Greg. We will talk it over and let you know. When is the date you need a definitive answer.


    1. It looks like there might be other parent/son/daughter teams so that would be fantastic. The young people tend to have a great time going out to the pub street in the evenings while we old farts stick closer to the hotel lounge or go to the Night Market for some souvenir hunting.


  3. Ksenija, this is something I may be able to join. With all my years running trips in DR and Haiti, the running the organization with Cameron I feel I could help provide some helpful “hands on” assistance where ever your needs were.
    Let me know more details and who this is open too? Men ? Women? Cameron? Just curious
    Miss you and I am excited
    Thank you for thinking of us and let me know what you think..,
    Cindy Tetzloff


  4. You know I would love to do this again but not sure I can justify another solo adventure! Still living vicariously thru your adventures. Hope you are keeping all the details of your itineraries so we can replicate a small portion of them someday! Miss you!

    On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 2:44 PM Crazy Parents Travel wrote:

    > ksenija+mirek olmer posted: “Do you have travel plans for 2019? Itching to > go but don’t know which destination to choose or hate organizing the > details? Join me on the fantastic Philanthropic trip to Cambodia in > January! You will do some good, see the country from the back door an” >


  5. Distributed flyers at Rotary committee meeting yesterday

    Received acknowledgment from Quoll Conservatory that they received funds.

    Working on getting photos to web redesign person.



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