25 Favorite Shots from the 1st Year of Travel

As we begin our second year of travel we are looking back to the great experiences of the first. We were asked to choose some favorite photos for a travel presentation and we ended with about 160. Since many of you were not with us from the very start we thought you might enjoy the best 25. Paring them down was a challenging task, but it has given us some great remembrances and a renewed appreciation of the power locked inside the little iPhone 7 Plus.Sunrises in mornings can make getting up early really worth it.

The panorama feature is really rewarding for capturing the grandeur of the special landscapes. There are so many spectacular beaches and many we had all to ourselves. We never wish for clear skies as we find that clouds are a blessing on the beach, not just to lessen the fierceness of the sun, but to add drama to the photograph. It is pretty hard to shoot a good sunset without fancy equipment, but sometimes you get lucky and the colors turn out spectacular. The man made marvels can be breathtaking too, from ancient structures…to more newer ones. No need to lock yourself in a darkroom anymore, just switch to a B&W filter when editing your shots. Real people give scale and drama to architecture. People working the land with their hands is an endlessly fascinating subject. Let’s not forget their animals!And our close relatives amongst them. The mountains high and low challenge our sense of adventure. But probably nothing more than a sail and rudder. On a riveror on the sea sailing towards new adventures.

12 thoughts on “25 Favorite Shots from the 1st Year of Travel

  1. These are all spectacular. But you omitted some others that we amazing. The beach ones as well as some of the mountain photos.



  2. There’s a sense of yearning for wide open spaces and undiscovered adventures in your photos. I love that! Can’t wait to see where 2019 takes you! xoxo


  3. Amazing photos! Looking forward to seeing the world thru you again this year!

    All of these photos need to be hanging somewhere!


  4. So nice to have a second chance to see some favorite photos. We’ve had some impressive clouds here lately. Sorry we didn’t see you before you embarkedaon another big adventure. We’ll visit through your travels. mg


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  6. Your photos just magnify your amazing experiences. I especially liked the one with the magnificent clouds and those with people working the crop.
    Ruth has taken a down hill turn and will be having two more surgaries, one with a different Doctor. Hopefully at the same time. We are waiting for the Doctor’s order. Thank you for your support on the phone when you came home. It meant a lot. Sally


  7. SPECTACULAR! OH! What an “eye” U have to capture such glorious nature & very special people moments! Treasured mementos of your awesome adventures around the globe.
    Go Ksenija & Mirek! The adventures continue! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Such wonderful memories for you….and we get to enjoy the wonderful photos. It must have been very difficult scaling down to 25. Very warm in Australia past few weeks…record high temps all over the place. Hopefully 2nd year will be even more amazing than year 1.


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