A Photo Essay of Kotor Bay

Known simply as Boka (The Bay) Boka Kotorska is simply stunning in all its reiterations. No surprise it is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Surprises abound around every curve of the very narrow road above the Bay. And there are many tight hairpin curves, a delight for a seasoned driver and a thrill for the motorcycle riders. For some passengers – not so much. An experienced friend said to us, “The only way to really see Kotor Bay is from the water!” And he was right. It is especially thrilling on a speed boat. In a few hours you can explore the whole bay and see things you might not even notice from the shore. Like secret tunnels used to hide partisan boats and submarines. Talk about history coming alive when you enter one of those. For a special treat you can swim in a Blue Cave. In the Bay there are islands with churches and cemeteries. When you return to the port, you need to go past the impressive old fortifications to explore the old streets of Kotor town. Early in the day and early in the season is best as they can easily get clogged by eager tour groups. It must have been laundry day when we visited. Have you ever wondered how the fancy clothes were laundered in the old ages when there was no dry cleaners? I asked this guy but he didn’t have a clue. In more comfortable attire he enthusiastically explored the Kotor cathedral From top to bottom no details escaped the avid photographer

and no sacrifice was too big when he worshiped at the altar of his art.

If you will go a bit beyond the edges of boka, any transport will do, you will discover more hidden treasures, like prehistoric rock art, mini chapels, newly thriving nunneries and more great views, like the Sveti Stefan bellow.

We old farts on the road advise you to find your way to Montenegro. You will surely be welcomed in with open arms!

12 thoughts on “A Photo Essay of Kotor Bay

  1. This is a gorgeous place. I hate hair pin turns but yes to the lake. After being in the Caribbean it looks reasonably cool. We had a great family trip and when we returned and saw Dr Q it had taken so long with the surgery delay he decided that her back had finally fused and that there would be no need for a second surgery(waiting for a cat scan to confirm.). It will be a long road back as she’s been using a walker for a year. This is A huge relief for both of us. Take care of yourselves and continue to enjoy all you can. ❤️


  2. Swimming in the Blue Cave and the washing on the clothes lines up high, caught my eye the most. I visited Kotor and did the drive up the hair pin bends, back in 1975. It is time I returned with my now mature eyes and mind and with more time to explore. Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us.

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  3. As others have said, the photography here is top class. I have been to several of the FYR’s but never Mpntenegro although it is on the “to do” list. Looking at this piece it has just moved up the list a few places!


  4. I never understood why N. Macedonia as it is now has been under the tourist radar for so long. I love the place but I am not complaining. The less developed it remains the better I like it. Call me selfish if you will.


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